Monday, 17 March 2014

princesse_incongrue: Florent Mothe looking over his shoulder, singing, pain on his face (emo salieri)
Original video here.

"Florent Mothe: I'm the sort of person who has a dark place inside."

He was Antionio Salieri in the musical "Mozart l'Opéra Rock".  Florent Mothe will be back onstage in fall 2014 for the symphonic version of the show.
Flo: As you know, the original version is "Mozart l'Opéra Rock," so it's a rock opera, with scenes that are telling the story of Mozart from his adolescence to his death, and all the drama, especially with Salieri.  Now we're doing "Mozart l'Opéra Rock" the concert, so it'll be the songs from the show in a grandiose setting with a symphonic orchestra and a rock and choral group.  So it's a real concert, not a play with what's called a fourth wall, it's actually an interaction between the crowd and the performers--a concert.
The young singer also spoke to us about his musical influences, his participtation in Génération Goldman, social networking, and his upcoming obligations.
Flo: I'm a very energetic boy, but there's a dark side to me which I want to let out in my music.  I listened to Goldman throughout my childhood and I was really proud to be a part of that project, to be a part of a new generation singing Goldman. I sadly never had the chance to meet him.  
Flo: Social networking and the internet lets us be a lot closer to our fans, and to send out a message that's more precise than by the one projected by the business of our music.  
Flo: I really admire all the people who volunteer to help out year-round, sometimes anonymously.  I had the opportunity to help bring some attention to the cause.  When [they] called me to ask if I would take part in the photoshoot where I would have bruises and scars to help bring awareness to the song and the cause, of course I did it.


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