Wednesday, 26 March 2014

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Florent Mothe and Mikelangelo Loconte, stars of "Mozart l'opéra rock," speak openly about the failure of their solo careers.

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Between 2009 and 2011, one and a half million people cheered for this duo.  When the musical was over, the performers launched their own careers.  A few months before regrouping for the MORLC tour, they take stock of the mixed results of this experience.

Florent Mothe, who put out the CD "Roch in Chair" in 2013, is the most bitter.  "They didn't let me do what I wanted.  This disk doesn't represent me," he explains.  "It doesn't move me.  Anyone could have sung it in my place."  The 32-year-old Frenchman is working on a new project, which could hit the shelves in 2014.  "I'm freer in my compositions [this time] and I'm enjoying myself.  I'm a rock'n'roll kind of person, not a sappy romantic," he says.

Sitting across from him, his buddy Mikelangelo Loconte has to laugh.  "You're lucky.  No even wanted me." The Italian sent his tracks to multiple labels.  Despite a lot of promises, nothing ever saw the light of day.  "What I do is too artistic.  In the real world market, the big names don't take any risks," he analyzes.  The 40-year-old artist doesn't surrender.  "I have the solution.  I'm going to put out my work with a smaller label.  I'm in negotiations with the United States and the lights are all green."


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