Thursday, 30 October 2014

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 Original interview here.

In order to promote the upcoming tour of Mozart l'Opéra Rock: Le Concert, Florent Mothe was Bernard Montiel's guest on his Saturday, May 24th episode of "M comme Montiel" on MFM Radio.  A that time, the actor who plays Antonio Salieri in the successful musical revisited that amazing adventure, his physique, spirituality, and voting for the conservatives.
Concerning the new tour, the 33-year-old singer didn't try to hide how impatient he was to get back onstage with part of the Troupe of the musical.  This time it's not longer a question of acting, but just concerts with a symphonic orchestra... Unfortunately, geopolitical events forced the producers to delay the opening performances.  "We created this tour with a symphonic orchestra and a chorus that came from Kiev in Ukraine.  Due to recent events they are currently unable to leave their country.  It's the state orchestra and chorus of Kiev, and the orchestra relies on the Ministry of Culture which no longer exists.  They are waiting until the elections are over, and they're stuck," he explained.
Now pushed back to the end of the summer, this tour will allow Florent Mothe to get back in touch with his audience after the release of his first album Rock in chair in April 2013.  Though the performer is enjoying his notoriety now, he indicated that he wasn't always so comfortable in his own skin.  "I think I look good now, but I wasn't always.  When I was young I was heavier, girls didn't like me.  It leaves you without a lot of self-confidence... so you turn to music," he said.
In a talkative mood, Florent also expounded on his spiritual phase!  Hesitant to tell the story at first, the singer finally said that he believes he met the devil in person.  "I met the devil. It was in Toronto, and I'd been through a sort of spiritual phase when I lived in Canada. One night, there was a guy and I told myself 'there's no way that's the devil' and right when I thought that I looked at him, and he was twenty meters away talking to someone else and he looked at me out of the corner of his eye.  It surprised me.  The next day we found out that his name was Damon."
Very frank throughout the traditional news segment, Florent Mothe gave MFM Radio listeners his own take on the rise of the National Front, after having mentioned that he abstained from the last election.  "The National Front is on the rise just because there are dumbasses who vote for the National Front, not because there are people who refuse to vote... I gained a lot of respect for Paris when, during the presidential elections, we saw that Paris had the least votes for the National Front.  That made me really happy and proud to be a Parisian," he said.
The tour of Mozart l'Opéra Rock: the Concert begins September 20th in Caen and will also play at the Palais des Sports in Paris from the 25th through the 28th of next September.


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