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Actress and singer, she'll be on tour next month with Mozart l'Opéra Rock, Dove Attia's musical. She'll also be headlining with Michel Vuillermoz in the film "L'Assiette de mon voisin" (My Neighbor's Plate) and a Rachmaninov biopic with Gérard Depardieu.
My favorite arist: The photographer Pablo de Selva. He has the gift of transforming the most crude truths into poetry.  His photos make you look twice, like the one where you see Venice and the London metro.
My discovery: This MAC blush a makeup artist gave me. You're guaranteed to have a good look...
My sweet tooth: Nutella... my best friend even gave me a special spoon from Pylones that was made especially for Nutella jars.
My piano: I've been playing music since I was a child. Even though I was classically trained at a conservatory, I'd like to know how to improvise.  I accompany myself on the keyboard so I can learn how to sing without music.
My notebook: Le Keel's Simple Diary.  It's a helpful tool, a private journal for lazy people that already has questions written in to help you know what to write.  It gives you a very simple and modest way to sort through your daily grind.
My struggle: I sponsor the ELA (European Leukodystrophies Association) in their work with rare genetic illnesses. I took part in a fundraiser where each person wears a podometer, and each step they take earns on euro for ELA.
My bracelet: I don't wear much jewelry. But I have a soft spot for the silver Clio Blue bracelet that my mother gave me when I turned thirty.
My trophy: A Swarovski broach that I wore during my first performances in Mozart l'Opéra Rock. They let me keep it!
My favorite film: "Some Like it Hot" by Billy Wilder is the best Marilyn Monroe film.  She's the ultimate "woman-child". Her acting was always special to me. And her voice has this magical vibrato, with this ridiculous sensuality.
My favorite thing: "Le Rescue" spray from Fleurs de Bach. I use it before each rehearsal and audition to relax. And it works!
My favorite product: "L'eau Florale" from Sisley. It was made to be used at the beach, but it works amazingly for me all year.  My skin is too dry. Plus I love the rose scent.

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