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 Two and a half years ago I made subtitles for the DVD of Mozart l'Opéra Rock.  Here is the transcription of the entire DVD:

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There are sorrows that weigh tons
In order to keep from losing all hope
We play the role of someone who is doing fine
As long as others don't know anything about it
We do our best to save face
So our friends are ignorant to what we're going through
We laugh, we dance, like Venetian fools
But no matter what we do or say

The wounds that can't be seen
Hurt us much more than any others
We close them up inside of us
But must we carry on like this our whole lives?

Pride helps us carry on
Apparently we can even make people jealous
We put on this show for our own benefit
To play at being healed

The wounds that can't be seen
Hurt us much more than any others
We close them up inside of us
But must we carry on like this our whole lives?

These wounds
That can't be seen

There are sorrows that weigh tons
In order to keep from losing all hope
We have to tell ourselves that we'll heal sooner or later

The wounds that can't be seen
Sometimes it seems like we've shaken them
And when we least expect it
Without anyone else ever knowing
They rise back to the surface
And shoot us down again
The wounds that can't be seen
That hurt us so much more than all the others

These wounds
That can't be seen
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 Dove Attia and Albert Cohen livechat!  Archived here.

This one was a bit of a hot mess since no one could actually hear anything, and I lost interest every time they talked about 1789, but here are the bits and pieces that did work their way into my brain:

tomorrow is the last day and we won't see you guys again till november, so merry christmas

Where do you get your ideas?
-ideas that inspire us, stories from history, people in the street

each show was a different point of view
-the 10 commandments was my first baby
-LRS ?
-loved MOR for its music
-1789 for its cinematography
they're all strong in different domains

-each Troupe was chosen to represent the spirit of each show
-LRD for sunniness, MOR for rock and roll, 1789 for revolutionaries

albert is too much of a politican to pick one favorite

i think they said albert is working on an idea?  florent mothe is busy and so is christophe maé, but it's a good idea

Dove just called us deaf even though it's his fault they're using a terrible webcam

something about as long as a show is successful, that's an awesome thing, bc there are costumes and singers and sth

albert said dove can't act
dove started talking about albert not doing sports but dove works out
i think they're hitting on each other

"Live 1789"
-next November at the PDS they're redoing 1789
-four new songs, new scenes, surprises
-they're gonna do a 3D DVD of it

i feel like dove just compared himself to jesus and said he sacrifices something for humanity to carry on???

where did they get the idea for the names of the 1789 characters, i dont care so i stopped listening

-it's a question of finding a theatre, because in NYC the theatres get reserved years in advance
-it's going to take some more time



now albert is awkwardly texting on a flip phone

go to for news

THANK you they just sat up and they're yelling THANK YOU


it's really hard to make a career out of being in a musical

now dove is fixing his hair

albert is whispering again

they're gonna have to get new charlottes for the 1789 reboot because the ones they have now are getting taller than the dudes in the show

-we made mistakes with every show and sometimes we make them again the next show, but i mean what are you calling a mistake

-dove cried at 1789 two days ago

-everything we do is for youuuuu

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"For Florent Mothe, it's twitter and facebook every day..."

The musician is able to play piano on his iPhone while humming his new songs.  A singer and a geek all at once?
What relationship do you have with your phone and compluter?
I'm addicted. I use them for my work and to stay in contact with my friends.  I lived in Toronto for three years, so it's the best way for me to keep my Canadian buddies updated!
Are you even a geek at home?
No, actually!  Simply because I don't a signal at home.  It's rough... I have to go outside if I want to be able to phone someone.  That's why I send so many texts.  I found strategic places in the apartment where the network works for a few seconds!
So, you could live without them?
Not at all.  During the tour if I didn't have any battery I felt like I was dying.  After twenty-four hours, I told myself that I could live without... well, just about!  Anyway, you just killed my battery, see, my phone shut itself down... Does anyone have a charger?

My rabbit: "Meet Alfred! He's my rabbit, he's handsome, isn't he?  I love taking pictures of him!  I leave him to walk around the house, I adore him!"
My favorite forecasts: "I always look at the forecast of Mouriès, in the south, where my parents live.  That way, I see a little sunshine... And then the forecast in Toronto, where I lived... Much colder!"
My music apps: "I basically have a music folder on my iPhone, but the best is the iDaft app, where you can remix Daft Punk songs however you want!"
My laptop background: "It's the photo from the end of the music video with the whole team!  We're covered in mud because we played a rugby match girls against boys... The girls won, of course!"
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[video link]

We'll begin the first part of our show, "A Date with Destiny", by greeting Mikelangelo.  You recognize Mikelangelo from the unforgettable musical Mozart l'Opéra Rock.  So, tell us about your life.  What was it like 24 hours before going to the audition?  Where were you in your personal life?

It was nothing but work.  My biggest project was during New Year's, and I was sick, I had a fever and everything, but I was acting at the same time.

And so one meeting in the middle of all this work changed the course of your life.  What happened?

I met a man--I couldn't even say a man because he was very boyish, he seemed very young--and his name was Jean-Pierre Pilot [one of the writers of MOR].  And I met him, he was in my path.  At the time I had my best friend, she had met me during my concerts and everything and we decided to live together, so for nine years I lived with an incredible girl named Marie.

Was she your girlfriend?

No.  That's the incredible part.  That's the incredible part.  We were like siblings.  Both of us worked with art.  She was a dancer, kind of an actress, a little bit of everything, and I was a little bit of everything too, I don't know to what degree, but we were both a little bit of everything.

This Jean-Pierre, did you meet him on New Year's eve?

No.  Actually, I met him- a friend of mine plays guitar, who yells up at my window, and I answered that day.  He told me to come see Zazie and that he had extra tickets--she's a musician that a lot of people know.

Zazie our [France's] singer?

Yes, your singer.  So yeah, I went to see Zazie at the Forum de Lièges--I lived in Liège at the time--and afterward we all went to a café--

Who is "all"?

Zazie with her team of musicians.

How did you get an invite from Zazie?

Because I was one of the big musicians, like my friend, who all knew each other a little bit, they were in the same big family.  So I went to grab a drink with them, and when I got there Jean-Pierre saw me and he said, "Who's that guy?"  Because I walked in like Mick Jagger, but I wasn't Mick Jagger.  I went over to sit by Zazie and we were talking about all kinds of music, and then Jean-Pierre Pilot started asking people-

Oh, is that Jean-Pierre Pilot? [in the picture on the screen]

Yes, exactly.

Because we don't know who he is.  So it's this fellow.  What does he do?

He's a composer and creator, he's behind a lot of albums and has worked for a lot of very famous musicians like Zazie and Christophe Wilhelm...

Okay, so he was there at that moment.

Yes.  And he saw me, and he went "Whoa!  That dude!"  No, he must have said to himself, "Either this is a bunch of nonsense or he's really really good.  It's one of the other."  And we lived just across from the café, so we were like "Come see my house", and it was a three-story house with posters and all that stuff, just totally crazy, and he saw all that he said, "There's no way!" and when I showed him my bed I went, "Look, Jean-Pierre, it's--" how did I say it?  I said- I said, "a little bed for a great man."  And he said "You really are full of shit."  But that way I felt like a king in a paper kingdom I had built for myself in my head.  But he called up Dove Attia and Albert Cohen and said "I think I've found Mozart."

Alright, now you can tell the next part of your story later on in our show.

Later on, Mikelangelo has a surprise for you!

It's called Memory Day.

Alright, go ahead, the stage is yours.  

You'll hear his exclusive song that he only just finished composing. Mikelangelo on the piano, right after the break!

One meeting changed their lives, that's the theme today and we continue with Mikelangelo, who was telling us that Jean-Pierre Pilot invited him to an audition one evening when he was out with Zazie and her musicians, and he recognized the artist in you.  The difference.  And the talent, probably.  So he asked you to audition for a musical?

Yeah, he looked at me and he didn't say anything, he returned to Paris--we had met in Belgium--and afterwards he called my best friend and said, "You know your roommate, the performer, we might have something for him."  But what he suggested wasn't really interesting to me because it was a musical.

But he did ask you to play Mozart in a musical?  The title character?  And that didn't interest you at all, being in a musical?

Just imagine--it's weird, imagine someone saying we're going to do a musical about Mozart and you're Mozart.  But hadn't been-- I thought of Mozart as something sacred, something important, and playing him in a musical just wasn't a good idea.  

Right, it sounds low-end.  It isn't worthy of Mozart's level.

It was certainly high-end but didn't seem like a good idea for me.

So you said no?

I said no, that's right.  I just said forget it.  I didn't even answer.

That takes nerve, though, for a guy who's between projects...

I'd never done the audition for reality television, I was a performer who didn't line up to get a chance to sing, that's all.  I believe an artist should have a precise message to transmit on TV--the television isn't there for people who sing, people who dance, because that makes you a street performer.

So how did the audition catch up with you if you didn't respond?

Well, after two months--

For two months they didn't give up on you?

No.  Except, well, Jean-Pierre Pilot talked to that girl Marie again, who let him hear a thing I'd sung, and when he heard the voice he went, "Oh, okay, yeah, that's a guy who--" I don't think of myself as a super great singer, but I believe that when I sing I have an honest voice; when I sing, I really express myself.  I use song to express myself and not to show off my voice.  And I think he must have noticed that, and--

You're an interpreter [this word applies to singers in French].

That's right.  So Jean-Pierre, at that point he called me after two months, and that time he talked to me.  We talked and he said, "Listen, you didn't really understand, it's not just a musical, it's this, it's that," he explained the details to me.  And when he started saying "rock opera" I said, Ah, okay, that's the first time anyone has put "rock" and "Mozart" in the same sentence.  Yeah, because we all think of Mozart as a rocker but nobody ever said it that way.

So did you go to the auditions?

Yes, I showed up at one of the last auditions and they told me, hey, come this way, and if it doesn't work it doesn't work.

Were there a lot of people in line?


How many?

Something like five thousand, I'd say.

Five thousand people in line?

They wanted to do Mozart, yes, of course.

Okay.  So did you wait?

I did, there were a lot of people who were waiting--obviously the auditions weren't just one day, it took several days-

Did you wait?  Like a good boy?

Yes.  Yes.

You waited your turn.

Yes.  I did a thing on the guitar--right when I walked onstage I realized that they were looking at me kind of funny.  I remember my hair was orange.  I wanted highlights but I hadn't done it right and my hair was orange.  So, I introduced myself onstage and they said, "Did you do your own hair?" They understood right away.  I said yes.  They said, "Listen, you sang really really well, but you will never ever ever ever ever be a hairdresser."

So they were under your spell.

Yes, because-

Did they tell you right away?  That you'd been chosen?

No.  I knew I could be Mozart but I told myself it was impossible that at a French audition they'd choose an Italian who lived in Belgium and who'd traveled all over and who didn't know French or anything!

Because at the time you didn't speak French the way you do now.

I spoke in a much more- in a way that was less fluid.

So you were chosen to play Mozart, and more than one million four hundred thousand people saw the show, eight hundred thousand albums sold, three NRJ Music Awards, with a 3D version coming out the 25th of November in two hundred cinemas for one week only.  We were there the day before the premier with this story that we're calling "On the Road to the Stars".

This is Mikelangelo, alias Mozart.  And this is Marie, his best friend and former roommate.

I met him about twelve years ago, all made up, charming, with his accent, his French was a little worse at the time of course, but as soon as I met him I felt really strongly about him, and it's still the same today.

At the time, Mikelangelo and Marie already had plenty of artistic endeavors in mind.

We started talking about art and she said, "You know, I do dance lessons but my dream is to be onstage." and I said "No problem, we're getting onstage."  Straightaway.  And we did it.  We did concerts, things like that, Italian television.

Because Mikele took me on as a dancer, and he made my costumes.

This is a wing that you'd put on like this.

And I danced with that.

But they never would have imagined that ten years later, Mikelangelo would get the starring role in a musical, and Marie watched every rehearsal with the same reaction each time.

I still feel the same thing, it's the feeling that he'll go on to even more success after this.

-We came for him!

I know there are a lot of Mikele fans here.  I recognize them from other places.  They're really very faithful.

-He's generous!  
-Yes, very generous, very nice, very approachable.
-He's really very nice, he's lovable.

Tonight, Mikelangelo and his fans are going to see the preview screening of the musical in 3D.

He has everything you need to succeed, but of course that starts with one thing first.

And even though Marie and Mikelangelo are very close, she's a true fan as well.

I'm going to see my roomie in 3D, it'll be amazing.  I'm excited, I'm ready.

Backstage, just after the screening while Mikelangelo prepares to go onstage to sing, he receives a surprise visitor.  This is Jean-Pierre Pilot, who discovered him.

-I was on tour with Zazie, and one day we go in a bar, and we see this guy enter with his girlfriend and with such a sunny insolence!  He was already a star with his face, his aura, and one day I heard one of his songs, and his exceptional voice, and when they told me they were looking for Mozart I thought of this character.

That's the meeting that changed my life.

For now, Mikelangelo has an audience waiting.  In several minutes he'll sing in front of more than a hundred thousand people [including me!!].

When I hear all these people shouting and waiting for us, it's bizarre.  It's like the first time.

How do you feel seeing those images again?

It's the thing that gave me all these opportunities to express myself.  It's Mozart l'Opéra Rock.

And where do you all stand today?  With your artistic career?

Well, in my heart I have so much sympathy for the producers who chose me, so Dove, Albert, everyone who believed in me, of course, so I'm in a situation where I appreciate and I comprehend how much they did, and I'm preparing a personal album.

Do you still work with them?


You appreciate them, but you need to spread your own wings.

Yes.  That's right.

That's great, because you're demanding, you haven't let yourself fly too close to the sun.

It's really not humility or honesty, it's just after a while you've got to stretch your legs.  It's good to keep changing.  I'm doing it very honestly.

Are you afraid that people won't follow you on your new path?

Yes, of course.  But it's not a problem for my music, just for me, but it'll be alright in the end.

Thank you, good afternoon, and we're going to let Mikelangelo play us out.

princesse_incongrue: Florent Mothe looking over his shoulder, singing, pain on his face (emo salieri)


Florent Mothe: It’s 11PM and we’ve been here since 8- no, 9AM. It’s the finale scene of the video. We’ve filmed it all. It’s going well. We’re missing one thing. It’s just the last scene and it’s going to be nasty. [he falls into the mud] Is that good enough for you?
Off-Screen Voices: Not bad. Not bad.

Florent Mothe: Should I do playback? Should I do playback?

Florent Mothe: I can’t escape this thing!

Singing Crowd: It’s a dancing Florent! It’s a dancing Florent, it’s a dancing Florent, it’s Florent (etc)
princesse_incongrue: Florent Mothe looking over his shoulder, singing, pain on his face (emo salieri)

Florent Mothe: I work with a coach named Nathalie Dupuy who’s really well-known in this business, she knows a lot of people, she has really helped me, so I [discuss most everything?] with her.
Nathalie Dupuy: My job is to give the singer the confidence to little by little let go of the hold of his internal tension, so that the technique allows him to structure his articulation with a greater or smaller amplitude of air going in and to link that work with the emotional aspect of it.  But this link alone is- if the singer is good with his feelings, he’s good with his emotions.
Florent Mothe: I met Nathalie Dupuy during the Mozart l'Opéra Rock auditions, because she was there and offered advice and I thought I should take this advice because it’s pretty important.
Nathalie Dupuy: There aren’t so many differences between Mozart l'Opéra Rock and Florent: we want prolongations, a development, that you can find L’Assasymphonie in his album even if it’s in another form.  In any case there’s an emotionality that has the same power. But you get to a point where that power is Flo’s, and I have to trust him completely that there will be Florent Mothe in his album.  So there will be L’Assasymphonie, there has to be, because the two are linked in a way.  It’s like a marvelous costume that goes with a marvelous person.  You can’t disassociate the two.  And I think if it hadn’t been for Florent, L’Assasymphonie couldn’t have become the hit that it was.  Because I heard him singing it at the auditions and I had never heard it performed as emotionally as what Florent did with it.  It was his song. It is his song.  It will always be his song.
princesse_incongrue: Florent Mothe looking over his shoulder, singing, pain on his face (emo salieri)

Here are my attempts at transcribing the lyrics:
J’arrive pas à dire au revoir
Les yeux dans les yeux
Dans le noir sans ton regard
Je saurais peut-être mieux
M’en veux pas
Si je te parais lâche
Pour tout ce que je gâche
Je me dis parfois
C’est par peur d’être heureux

Je ne sais pas parler d’amour
Je ne sais pas demander pardon
J’ai toujours peur d’être en dessous
Que tu m’ais attendu
Et puis t’avoir déçu
Il faudra toujours entre nous
Ne pas tricher ni se mentir, non
Mais au fond de toi saurais-tu
Me dire en face que
Que tu ne m’aimes plus?

Je n’arrive pas à m’en aller
À me dire que ça serait mieux
Je ne peux pas
Laisser les bras
Et encore moins baisser les yeux
M’en veux pas
Si je manque de courage
Si je rêve d’autres voyages
Si à chaque fois
Je ne fais que m’enfuir
I can’t bring myself to say goodbye
Eye to eye
In the dark without your gaze
Maybe I have a better idea how
Don’t be mad at me
If I seem lazy
For everything I mess up
Sometimes I tell myself
It’s out of fear of being happy

I don’t know how to talk about love
I don’t know how to ask forgiveness
I’m afraid of being beneath
What you expected of me
And then to have disappointed you
The two of us should never
Cheat or lie to each other, no
But at your core would you know
How to tell me face to face
That you don’t love me anymore?

I can’t make myself leave
Or tell myself that that would be better
I can’t
Drop my arms
Or even lower my gaze
Don’t be mad at me
If I don’t have enough courage
If I dream of other journeys
If every time
I just run away

princesse_incongrue: Florent Mothe looking over his shoulder, singing, pain on his face (emo salieri)

Florent Mothe: That’s the director… of Mode d’Emploi!

Die Frau voiceover: Florent came in with a pretty good amount of ideas; he wanted to illustrate a lot of his songs.  I think it’s a very good idea to have this portrait of him with a black eye that says that we’re in a complicated time for men, where a man has to be macho and at the same time sensitive enough to understand what their girlfriends and friends want, you know? 

Die Frau to Florent: Good, like that but less pained, because I'm just a pig, all you have to do is beat me up!

Die Frau voiceover: It’s funny because Florent is a very handsome man, but he let us put the black eye on him willingly.  A lot of artists aren’t like that; they only want to show us their best side.
princesse_incongrue: Florent Mothe looking over his shoulder, singing, pain on his face (emo salieri)

Florent Mothe: We can work six months on one composition.  Make outlines, realize it can get better, go back, copy the parts out, add things, at the last minute in the studio we can find things, and then there are songs—one song is three minutes—sometimes there are songs that can be written in three minutes.
Dove Attia: Florent is a guitarist and also a harmonist, meaning he has a sense of the harmony, and he doesn’t like simple harmonies, so we’re leaving the majority of the choices behind, what we call the ? rhythm,  and he has this culture that’s a little jazzy, even sometimes a little South American, with ?, which results in this music that’s pretty rich and has comes from its own universe.
Dove Attia: The difficulty with Florent is having cohesion in his album, it’s going from his extremely moving songs to that are more intelligent, I’d even say like a new French scene.  Because he’s both.  Florent is both.
Florent Mothe: I need him to fix those faults you have when you aren’t very experienced in composing.  So we worked on all the songs I had, either the bits of lyrics, or bits of melody, maybe songs I’d already worked to death, but deserved to be corrected a little… yeah.  Dove Attia really helped me with that, and we even composed some—a good amount of melodies together.

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