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Original video here.

Hello everyone, this is Greg from SimCookie with a new, exclusive video of Sims 4!  When the Sims went to GamesCon we got to get our hands on the game again.  We were allowed to record ten minutes of video, so that's what we did.  I was with Julian from SimsWiki, so the first part of this video is mine and there will be a second part on SimsWiki.  First of all, I have to say that since this is a ten minute video, we went over everything as quickly as possible, so don't hesitate to pause so you can see all the options and details better.
So I started in CAS, and before getting started I had to choose an Aspiration trait and a Personality trait, which you do here by clicking "accept".  Then you have a new kind of family photo--the old one doesn't exist anymore and was replaced by this.  Then there's a short loading screen before you arrive in the neighborhood.  This is the world and there are multiple neighborhoods, multiple free spaces, and a short loading screen once you choose which one to visit.  You can also go directly to Oasis Springs.  You can live in either world without starting a new game, which is a cool thing in the Sims 4.  So all the green spaces mean it's a lower-priced place where you have the option to move with your family.  We chose this one.  You're still able to choose houses where Sims are already living, furnished, or unfurnished.  Another loading screen that just lasts a ten seconds, or fifteen, I don't know.  In any case, it's really short.
So here we are in the game!  One aggravating thing is that they're all here every time, it's a little annoying, but it's okay now since we're just starting a game.  Here's our little family, and we're in Oasis Springs, here's what that looks like.  Each neighborhood of the world has its own look.  I think Oasis Springs has the nicest decor.  So here's our little family, you can see there are all these interactions that light up, here's Cookie who's reading his book, two of them talking by the television, and she's gone into her room for the night to read in bed.  
This thing is talking about Emotions, and she's "Inspired", so we see that now that she's inspired she can go cook a meal that's particularly good.  So I'll go click on the fridge and have her prepare a dinner.  Now you can choose between having her cook for many people, or a few people--it depends.  So on the menu at the right you have Aspirations, and you can unlock points... wait, no!  When you achieve Wishes you earn points that you can spend on Rewards.  Here, these are the Wishes.
Next you have the menu for careers.  You can choose a career straight from here.  So here Greg is busy but all we have to do is make a call, so we'll make him stop talking.  Here's another menu, so now we're in the Career Selection.  This is the complete list, I think, of all possible careers.  There's Criminal, Tech Guru, Astronaut, Entertainer--I don't remember what that is.  And then you have little challenges, so for example, here he's going to have to develop his skills for his career.  It's the same for kids at school; they have to increase their skills to get better grades.  That's what's really great.  And as far as the traits go, you have more skills to unlock.  So her creativity is going up, but her--I can't think of the translation, but it's her social skill.  
For relationships, there's no family tree in the Sims 4.  Yeah, I'm disappointed.  She could read this.  So, the girl is talking to her mother right now while her mother is cooking.  I think that's really cute.  So I'll tell her to do her homework, and she's doing it right here in front of the kitchen.  And they're all cooking right now because they're all hungry.  So time moves a little more slowly in the Sims 4.  Here Greg is hungry, so I'm going to feed him.  There's a menu here with statistics, the personality traits of your Sims, and their age.  If you select this menu of Stats it shows little statistics on your Sim, like how many times he's been sad, how many times he's been happy.
So here, I'm going to feed him.  So he called everyone to come eat at the same time.  Since there aren't enough chairs each one will go eat wherever they can--the couch, this chair.  And there's always a little music when your Sim's mood changes.  So each one is busy right now.  And you can see the number of people around the house in the neighborhood.  You'll always be able to have guests over.
So here's the menu for parties.  We're not going to start a party, but I'll show you how it works.  Each party gives you a little challenge to unlock more things.  Here it is, so you can have a house party, a dinner party, a wedding, or a birthday, and each one lets you unlock objects, if your party is successful.
Cars don't actually exist, they're just an effect.  You can back out to the map view like in the Sims 3 and click another location.  So we're going to go for a walk and show you how that works.  We'll go to Willow Creek, to the park.  We'll go with the little girl.  The loading screens are really very fast, so you shouldn't worry.  I mean, it's a little annoying overall, but if that allows you to have more people in the lots it makes sense.
So here we are in the park, which you can edit.  Not the surrounding areas, but there's a lot, this little park, which you can edit yourself.  So we'll send her to play on this toy.  And since Greg is an adult, he can play with this little girl.  He's going to be the monster, here he goes.  And that strengthens the characters' relationship.  So children have a lot of interactions with adults, they can Brighten their Day, but it's just because she's totally happy. So that's why she's going to do it. She can complain about her parents, too.
The white Plumbobs mean that they're in a group.  Here, he's going to interact with us because he has the white plumbob, the transparent one.  There are a lot of choices, you can Invite him to a Fake Party.  We throw fake parties in the Sims.  As you can see, now they can talk across long distances, that's another really nice thing.  Uh-oh, there's Cassandra Goth back there and she isn't very happy.  She'll cheer up with us.
You can control your Sims from far away, too.  The ones that aren't with you.  They can "Care for Self" and Socialize with other characters that you can select.  They can even do yardwork.  It's cool.  And you can bring them to this lot if you want them to join you.  And you can change the active Sim, you can go back to the house like this if you want to go back to your home lot to another Sim.  While these two stay here and talk, of course.  The ones at the park stay at the park.  But you'd have some control over the character.
Like I said, time moves kind of slowly.  Up top you have the menu, which is totally new.  It's a little weird at first but you get used to it. You have construction mode, the gallery, go up or down a floor, show the walls, the camera, stuff like that.  Greg can make a joke about toilets.  You can tell a joke that's not that great.  You can even text other Sims.
Zooming back out because we're going home.  We click on Oasis Springs, and our house has the green Plumbob.  We'll tell the little girl to come with us, and now we're going home.
So this has already been ten minutes of gameplay, so we haven't mentioned everything, we haven't talked about a lot of details and I'm sorry for that.  I tried to talk pretty quickly so I may have forgotten something, but you can see the next part on SimsWiki, which will be uploaded soon.
Here's a view of the area, here's a little trailer you can move into but I think there's already a family in there.
I'll see you soon, my Sim is off to bed!



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