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[Disclaimer: when Solal starts naming members of the band and the team, I just transcribed what the names sounded like to me.  I couldn't find a list of the names of the members of the Vodka People online anywhere, so this is my effort.]

Hello everyone and welcome to "Backstage Toulouse FM", the show that brings you behind the scenes of the biggest concerts.  We're all familiar with "Mozart l'opéra rock", a show that was very successful in France and even in other countries thanks to its hit songs like "Tatoue-moi", "L'assasmyphonie", "Vivre à en crever" among others.  Since then, Mozart l'opéra rock has made a big comeback in a different form: a concert.  The biggest songs from the show have been reorchestrated in a symphonic version, with more than sixty musicians onstage, and performed, of course, by the original Troupe.  Today I'll take you behind the scenes for this show, behind the scenes of "Mozart l'opéra rock, le concert" at the Zénith of Toulouse.
(Rehearsals - 4pm - Toulouse)
I was a fan of Florent right away. He's the reason I loved the musical, but then there were also the sets, the tone, I loved everything about the show, I don't know.
You know that tonight it's different, it's not the show-
It's with an orchestra.
With an orchestra, yeah, and are you still as excited?
Yes, I love concerts, I'm a huge fan of concerts.
It's totally different, they've had time to- they seem like they've gotten more confident with themselves, with their voices, and I think it's even more interesting to see them like this than in the context of the musical.
This concert was born almost two years ago.  They began in eastern countries.  Then they were in Tunisia, but there were so many fans who were dying to see them in concert here, so we couldn't deprive them of the pleasure because we were really enjoying it too.  Onstage there are more than sixty musicians: we have the choir, we have the symphonic orchestra.  It's this marriage that lets the performers be freer onstage.  You can tell they're completely liberated and each one can express themselves without begin restrained by the context of the show.
Can you tell me what you're doing right now?
I'm gearing up, because we're going to rehearse.  We're testing the sound now, because everyone always tests the sound.  Always.  Yeah.  So we're going onstage, we're going to test the songs, because the orchestra needs to rehearse, to think about the rythm, because that aspect of it is difficult, being a musician.  But it's great.
Yeah, we just came back from Montpellier, and now we're doing Toulouse.  In Montpellier we were a little more rock-n-roll, so we know in Toulouse we're going to do the same thing.  We're got to really cut loose, yeah.
So you know there are thousands of locals out there waiting for you.  What are they going to see at the concert tonight?
They're going to see the skeleton, the source of Mozart l'opéra rock, which was the songs written by wonderful composers, which we really believe in, and which were really successful.  That's why the album sales did so well, it went to diamond.  That's what we'll do.  Even during the show we were aware of that.
So we're going to talk about some images, since we're doing this interview I'm going to show you- we're going to look at some photos, and you tell me how they make you feel.
Okay.  On a tablet, okay.  Oh!  Okay, Grand Rex.  This photo, it was very, very, very- it was a magnificent moment.  For the first time, we got to see our film that the Korean shot-
In 3D, right?
In 3D. It was James Cameron's team, who make all the films like Avatar, the Matrix, all the movies like-
And how does that feel, to see yourself in 3D on the big screen?
It's incredible.
I'd like to talk about the Troupe.  It's been, what, more than five years that you've known each other?  Has it become a family?
Well yeah!  Plus, here we were with Merwan and Yamin, who we don't get to see in the concert.  But we saw Marwou-
I just tried to say- Yamin and- Mermin!  We met up with Yamin who came to see us at the PDS... well, yeah, these are my brothers and sisters.
Ah, that's our audience!  Well I don't know if it's our audience, but it's the audience.
It's the audience. Fans, just in general.  What do-
The audience is divided into two categories.  There is the audience that carries us, and the audience that we carry.  The audience that we carry was more common at the beginning.  You have to get them used to it, get used to be loud, to all the shouting.  But there is also the audience that cares about you, too.  That means, that as soon as you get onstage, you don't have to do anything else.  You're just carried on their energy.
What's the craziest gift you've gotten from a fan, from a young fan?  You have a really strong link with them.
The craziest gift?
Yeah, the craziest.  Something astonishing.
They've given me incredible things.  They gave me a star.
In the sky?  They bought a star?
Yeah, they named a star Mikelangelo Loconte. Yeah.  With a-
How did you receive that? Personally?
It's strange-
That's an extraordinary gift.
Plus I think it's a part of the place where Sagittarius is, and Orion.  They didn't just pick a random star.
"The Future: Next Exit".  This is a nice photo.
What does that make you think?
It gives me hope.  Because I can be a pretty somber person sometimes, with a dark side, that's why they chose me for Salieri, but I'm profoundly optimistic deep down.  I'm profoundly humanist.  I do believe in- in the people I meet.  It's all the people I've met that-
Do you have doubts?  Since it's such a difficult line of work?
Always, always.  I saw a quote from someone, I don't remember who, that said "Emotionally, artists experience more in one year than most people do in their whole lives" and it's true.  We really do, it's a rollercoaster, and sometimes it's great but to create a song-
It's extreme.
It's two extremes, both extremes.  I'm a little like that, too, which is why it works for me, but no, every day we have doubts.  When you're doing something like this, like Mozart, it's different.  Because it's in progress, you go onstage, it's-
The songs are already there.
Yeah, the songs are already there.  We have doubts, we don't know if it will work, that's why we do all this promo work, that's why we go out and say "Come on, this will be great, you've got to come see it!"  But when you write, when you create, as a creator, you go through periods of a lot of doubt, and the pressure can really test your limits.
Mélissa, during hair and makeup when you're getting ready for this show, do you feel the pressure?
It's more relaxing, actually.  It depends.
And what do you think about?
Nothing! I make sure I look good enough to go onstage!
Okay, my makeup is a little extreme because the show is going to start soon.  You've got to look pretty, so I made myself pretty..  I'll show you around a little.  So here are the musicians' dressing room, they're called the Vodka People.  Here's Thierry, the conductor.  François Delphin, a superb guitarist.  Mathieu Raboté, we only take the best!  You've got Bryce Bérion who's just behind you there.  The keyboardist.  You've got Laurent Cauclaire, who just lost fifteen kilos.  Here's Maho, who wasn't here a minute ago.
Is it hard to work with Solal, Mikelangelo, Florent Mothe?
It's tough.  Especially this character next to me-
Who is it?
This character is my friend Solal.
He's great, as you can see there's a pretty terrible ambiance in here.  Here we have our dear producer, Boris Orloff, who's made this incredible experience possible and shared it with us.  I was telling you earlier-
Why Mozart l'opéra rock?  Why did you choose this show?
Because it's good.
It was really all because of me being in it.  If it wasn't for me, none of this would have been possible.
Boris, yes, he's crazy, because in these days you have to be crazy to take a chance like this.  We've been extraordinarily lucky.  I was telling you earlier, really, I thank you every day for giving us this opportunity.  Truly.
Here we have the Ukrainian musicians who are here, mixed in with some of the members of the chorus, and the concertist- the- what? The musicians, violin, oboe, everything that makes up a philharmonic- or symphonic orchestra.  Woodwinds, strings, brass, et cetera, percussion, and you have the singers, who are said to have the best bass, or low voices in the classical repertory.  They're known for that.  Ukranians and Russians are known for that, so we were really lucky.  It's like Mikele said, every night we have to sing louder and louder to be able to compete with these marvelous voices, and to do them justice.  It's an honor to perform with them, truly.
Here you have what's called catering, and it's very important, because to sing well, you have to eat well.  And to eat well, we have a menu that- well we call it catering, but actually it's the cafeteria for all of the musicians, the stagehands, the singers, and I've gotta say, we eat extremely well, we're really well taken care of, and this is the team responsible.  They're manning the ovens now.  All of this team here, they're just- they're just- we're in Toulouse, and, and these guys, they're called Etc Etc, and they're the best catering in all of France.  You can send me a check later, no worries.  There you can see Mikele, who's having dinner, over there.  With Florent Mothe.  Yes, and our sound engineer.  This is where it's happening, right here.
Everything's great, and we're really happy to be in Toulouse.
As you can see, it's not just the Vodka People who've gotten into the vodka.
Apparently they've made us [?], it's a specialty-
We don't know what it is, but we'll find out soon, during the show.
I have to let you go, because I have to go- well, I'm already in makeup, but- oh, here's Yohann, who's going to do my hair.  He's going to make me even more beautiful than I already am.  Out of respect for the audience who was kind enough to come see us tonight.
And the audience in Toulouse really turned out for Mozart l'opéra rock le concert.  The Troupe is on tour now throughout France.  This has been "Backstage", we'll see each other soon!  Ciao!
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(Video archived here)

Long translation under the cut!
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[I cannot get the video to replay the last few minutes, but if memory serves they went and got everyone else to say goodbye, Mikele told us again how this was a special twitcam because MOR doesn't do anything the normal way, and that was pretty much it.]  
princesse_incongrue: Mrs Banks from Mary Poppins proudly displaying her "VOTES FOR WOMEN" sash (sister suffragette)
L'hiver s'installe doucement dans la nuit
La neige est reine à son tour
La royaume de solitude
Ma place est là pour toujours
Le vent qui hurle en moi ne pense plus à demain
Il est bien trop fort
J'ai lutté en vain

Cache tes pouvoirs n'en parle pas
Fais attention, le secret survivra
Pas d'états d'âmes, pas de tourment
De sentiment

Libérée, délivrée
Je ne mentirai plus jamais
Libérée, délivrée
C'est décidé, je m'en vais
J'ai laissé mon enfance en l'été
Perdue dans l'hiver
Le froid est pour moi le prix de la liberté

Quand on prend de la hauteur
Tout semble insignifiant
La tristesse, l'angoisse, et la peur
M'ont quitté depuis longtemps
Je veux voir ce que je peux faire
De cette magie pleine de mystère
Le bien, le mal, je dis tant pis
Tant pis!

Libérée, délivrée
Les étoiles me tendent les bras
Libérée, délivrée
Non, je ne pleure pas
Me voilà, oui je suis là
Perdue dans l'hiver

Mon pouvoir vient du ciel
Et envahit l'espace
Mon âme s'exprime en dessinant
Les sculptures dans la glace
Et mes pensées sont des fleurs
De cristal gelé
Je ne reviendrai pas
Le passé est passé

Libérée, délivrée
Désormais plus rien ne m'arrête
Libérée, délivrée
Plus de princesse parfaite
Je suis là comme je l'ai rêvé
Perdue dans l'hiver
Le froid est pour moi le prix de la liberté
Winter settles gently into the night
Now it's the snow's turn to be queen
The kingdom of solitude
My place will always be here
The wind howling in me can't consider tomorrow anymore
It's much too strong
I've struggled in vain

Hide your powers, don't speak of them
Be careful, the secret shall survive
No moodiness, no upheaval
No emotions

Liberated, delivered
I'll never lie again
Liberated, delivered
It's decided; I'm moving on
I left my childhood behind in summer
Lost in winter
For me the cold is the price of freedom

When you look down from above
Everything seems insignificant
Sadness, anguish, and fear
Left me long ago
I want to see what I can do
With this mysterious magic
The good, the bad, I say never mind
Never mind!

Liberated, delivered
The stars hold out their arms to me
Liberated, delivered
No, I'll never cry again
Here I am, yes, I've arrived
Lost in winter

My power comes from the sky
And floods through space
My soul can express itself drawing
Sculptures in the ice
And my thoughts are flowers
Of frozen crystal
I'll never go back
The past is behind me

Liberated, delivered
From now on nothing can stop me
Liberated, delivered,
No more perfect princess
Here I am just as I dreamed it
Lost in winter
For me, the cold is the price of freedom
(Disclaimer: I transcribed the French lyrics by ear, so please excuse any mistakes.)

 (Also, it really bothers me that they didn't use "En fait, le froid ne m'a jamais embêté" which basically matches the number of syllables of the English "the cold never bothered me anyway" and  translates directly to "actually, the cold never bothered me"... I like that a lot more than the real translation which implies that she's paying for her freedom by being cold.  Other than that I think the French is slightly lovelier than the English.)

princesse_incongrue: Prince Poppycock trying on a tall white wig (poppycock)
 Two and a half years ago I made subtitles for the DVD of Mozart l'Opéra Rock.  Here is the transcription of the entire DVD:

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princesse_incongrue: Prince Poppycock trying on a tall white wig (poppycock)
 Dove Attia and Albert Cohen livechat!  Archived here.

This one was a bit of a hot mess since no one could actually hear anything, and I lost interest every time they talked about 1789, but here are the bits and pieces that did work their way into my brain:

tomorrow is the last day and we won't see you guys again till november, so merry christmas

Where do you get your ideas?
-ideas that inspire us, stories from history, people in the street

each show was a different point of view
-the 10 commandments was my first baby
-LRS ?
-loved MOR for its music
-1789 for its cinematography
they're all strong in different domains

-each Troupe was chosen to represent the spirit of each show
-LRD for sunniness, MOR for rock and roll, 1789 for revolutionaries

albert is too much of a politican to pick one favorite

i think they said albert is working on an idea?  florent mothe is busy and so is christophe maé, but it's a good idea

Dove just called us deaf even though it's his fault they're using a terrible webcam

something about as long as a show is successful, that's an awesome thing, bc there are costumes and singers and sth

albert said dove can't act
dove started talking about albert not doing sports but dove works out
i think they're hitting on each other

"Live 1789"
-next November at the PDS they're redoing 1789
-four new songs, new scenes, surprises
-they're gonna do a 3D DVD of it

i feel like dove just compared himself to jesus and said he sacrifices something for humanity to carry on???

where did they get the idea for the names of the 1789 characters, i dont care so i stopped listening

-it's a question of finding a theatre, because in NYC the theatres get reserved years in advance
-it's going to take some more time



now albert is awkwardly texting on a flip phone

go to for news

THANK you they just sat up and they're yelling THANK YOU


it's really hard to make a career out of being in a musical

now dove is fixing his hair

albert is whispering again

they're gonna have to get new charlottes for the 1789 reboot because the ones they have now are getting taller than the dudes in the show

-we made mistakes with every show and sometimes we make them again the next show, but i mean what are you calling a mistake

-dove cried at 1789 two days ago

-everything we do is for youuuuu

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